The Cliris Device

Cliris®: an advanced and automatic system for keeping eyeglasses clean, clear and in pristine condition. High-tech functionality. Sleek Swiss design. Hygienic. Easy to use. Fast, gentle and reliable.

Cliris works great and looks great. For personal and professional use.


Cliris cleans your glasses gently but thoroughly. They emerge with spotless frames and crystal clear lenses, fully antiseptic treated. This reduces stress and fatigue.

Open the Cliris at the touch of a button. Simply lay your glasses in its special drawer. Less than 3 minutes later, enjoy your glasses cleaned, dried and ready to wear.

Cliris is environmentally friendly. Its unique Cliriense cleaning fluid is 100% biodegradable.

Open Cliris

Lay your glasses in the drawer

3 minutes later

Your glasses are pristine and perfeclty clean

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