Technical questions

How often will I have to replace the Cliriense® cartridges?

Depending on how dirty your glasses are, a cartridge will be good for a month’s worth of daily cleanings.

Will Cliris damage my glasses?

No! ​The Cliris cleaning process is extremely gentle. Your glasses are not touched at all by any moving parts that would scratch or hurt them.

What do the small colored lights on the Cliris pod mean?

These small diodes communicate the status of the Cliriense® cartridges – that they are properly installed and functioning correctly.

How is Cliris powered? Do I have to plug it in?

Cliris comes with a power supply unit (110/240 VAC, 50/60Hz) that you simply plug in to an electrical outlet, like any electrical appliance. It works at low voltage.

Is Cliris suitable for any kind of glasses?

Yes, with a couple of exceptions. ​“Exotic” glasses with unusually large frames may not fit inside – sorry, Elton! – and glasses with frames made of wood, textiles, or other unconventional materials should not be cleaned in the Cliris.

Environmental impact

How much energy does Cliris use?

One cleaning cycle, lasting a bit less than 3 minutes, uses about 40 Watts. To put this in perspective, you will use 40 times more energy to make an espresso!

Does Cliris use energy when it’s in stand-by mode?

Cliris has two functional modes, ON and OFF (button) as well as a stand-by mode, which is signaled by the fact that the Cliris logo is discreetly illuminated by an LED light. This light can be regulated. The amount of energy consumed in stand-by mode is negligible.

How do I dispose of used Cliriense cartridges?

Any remaining liquid in the cartridges can simply be poured down the sink – Cliriense is biodegradable and won’t harm the environment. The pouch itself is collapsible and can simply be thrown away in the recycle bin.

I have pets at home. Does Cliris pose any risk to them?

In normal use, the ultrasonic frequencies used by Cliris in the cleaning process do not disturb any animals – humans included!

Can Cliris be installed in my bedroom?

Absolutely! In fact, what could be more practical, and pleasant, than waking up in the morning to find your glasses in pristine condition.

Cliriense cartridges

How do I order Cliriense cartridges?

You will be able to order Cliriense cartridges directly on our website ( as well as on We will also establish a toll-free telephone number for calling in orders, too.

How long does it take to receive cartridges after ordering?

Depending on what country you live in, you should receive your order within 2-3 days.

After-sales service

Where should I return the Cliris in case of a technical issue or breakdown?

If you experience a problem, contact us via or and we will arrange an express service to make sure your Cliris is repaired or replaced.

How long is the warranty on Cliris ?

On the Cliris pod itself, the warranty is 2 years.

Using Cliris

How long does Cliris take to clean my glasses?

Less than 3 minutes. However, if your glasses are very dirty (which might especially be the case if it’s the first time you’re cleaning your glasses using Cliris), you might want to run your glasses through 2 or 3 cycles in a row.

How often should I clean my glasses?

That’s up to you, but with Cliris, you can certainly clean them as frequently as you want, as it will not hurt them in any way. For most people, 1 to 3 cleanings a day would be ideal.

Where can I install the Cliris?

Wherever you want! No matter where you decide to install your Cliris – in your office or at home – you can be sure it will be admired by colleagues and friends for its sleek design and functionality.

Is Cliris noisy?

Cliris is discreet, about as quiet as an espresso machine.

Does the Cliris pod get hot?

No, Cliris does not produce any heat.

Can Cliris be installed in a room with higher than usual humidity?

Cliris should be installed in a classic domestic environment.

How difficult is it to replace the Cliriense cartridges?

Not hard at all – it’s as easy as replacing the cartridge in a printer.

Can Cliris be used by children?

Yes, anyone from 7 to 77 can use Cliris easily and safely!

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